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Related Arts

STEAM with Ms. Flemings

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math will be offered to students in kindergarten through sixth grade. This class will focus on educating students in environmental sustainability, renewable energy, and technology through a hands on approach. Students will participate in active lessons that encourage problem solving, collaboration, and self-motivation discovery. Students will become scientists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians to solve real world problems.

Spanish with Ms. Medina

Through many hands-on experiences, games, songs, stories, reading, and writing with exciting content and culture, I provide a foundation for students’ successful life-long language learning. It is my goal to develop the necessary communicative skills and awareness of the Spanish language and culture. Finally, in my class, the students will have the opportunity to develop and practice the four necessary skills for learning a second language: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Music with Ms. Lyons

Music students at GREEN Charter learn important musical skills that will help them grow in experiencing and making music and develop life-long appreciation of music. This is accomplished through the use of rhythmic speech, developing the singing voice, movement, reading musical notations, & playing instruments. Each level builds upon previously learned skills and concepts. The teacher uses a variety of materials in the Orff-Schulwerk and Kodaly traditions, Quaver Curriculum, Spotlight on Music Curriculum, and various online resources.

PE with Coach V

REEN’s Physical Education program allows opportunities for students to experience different exercises and activities that give them a well-balanced connection between fitness and health. The program includes:

-health-related fitness such as: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility
-rhythmic locomotor and nonlocomotor movement patterns
-cooperative games to improve communication and collaboration skills
-skill-related fitness such as balance, coordination, agility, strength, and speed
-opportunities for students to learn and apply skills and knowledge in a wide range of sports and activities which promote positive, lifelong, healthy attitudes, and behaviors

Art with Ms. Boykin

Art is designed to help all students develop, understand, and apply the “Elements of Art” and the “Principles of Design” in their own artworks. Students will develop various art skills and techniques, all while strengthening other skills such as teamwork, creative thinking, and problem solving. Throughout the class students will actively engage in various art activities including: art production, art criticism, and exploration of art history. Students will be given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of art media, mediums, and techniques. The students will learn through physical activities, games, songs, and different educational resources. Students will learn that there is more to art than painting and drawing.

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